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My son Adam is four years old and has had 14 pdl surgeries. He has not had one for a year now. We decided to halt treatments last year because Adam was aware of and disliked the bruising after surgery, and we wanted to avoid attributing any negative connotation at all to the birthmark. His plastic surgeon felt that we had made great progress, at least 75%, and that stopping would make sense.

The problem is that we are definitely noticing a regression of the stain, and we don't know whether or not to proceed with touch up treatments. Does anyone have any suggestions about how we can broach this with Adam so that he won't perceive his pws in a negative way? Any suggestions at all on how to deal with his awakening to the fact that he has a pws would be great. He knows he has a birthmark, but I don't think he really sees it, which is wonderful. I want him to accept it as part of himself. However, I am not naive to the fact that as he gets older and as he interacts away from home, this will become more difficult.

Thank you so much!

Adam's Mom
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