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Hello! Thanks for responding. I am not referring to KTS, but since you are alot older than Christy I wanted to know if i should expect leg lenght differences. i am glad to know that you do not experience that. I was confused when you mentioned embolizationtherapy for yourelf. So it is sclerathherapy....that is the treatment for Christy too as her malformation is strictly venous.
She also has the lesion in her pubic area....near the left labia. I am sure this is an emotional strain for you, I have concerns for our daughter regarding this as she becomes older.
You are one of the first people I have talked with the condition in the same location. Christys MRI shows her malformation to be extensive, diffuse throughout hamstring muscle, around the knee throught the tibia bone and extends down into foot. You mentioned not having these treatments available back thhen...I do feel fortunate for modern medicine. I have been chatting with some wonderful people on the msn group and I am learning sooo much. It seems that the feeling is strong to be aggresive and treat these lesions while they are small. I was wondering if it is better to delay treatment as long as possible, or if it is more beneficial to get them early.
So does your lesion not extend into the muscle? Chrstys lesion is strictly venous, i am unureif your is strictly venous or arterial too.....
You are kind to respond, and I will keep in touch.
It seems you were trreated in July and followed with steroid are you doing now? Is the swelling gone? Are you feeling well, and how many treatments have you had? Thanks for all of your input!
Smile, Gina
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