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First, let me say you are very lucky to be seeing such great progress. I had 11 laser treatments on my pws on my arm and there was no improvement...all I got was a bunch of scars.
I am 18 years old, and I know exactly what you mean about Adam being aware but not really realizing what it is. My birthmark really didn't start to bother me until a couple years ago, but I have always known about it. It has only been this year that I don't like wearing short sleeve shorts because of it.
My parents have always told me my pws is part of me and doesn't change me as a person, but as I get older, I just wish I could be "normal". All you can do is tell your son that his birthmark is just another part of him, that's just how God made him. Granted this doesn't make me feel a whole lot better, or give me the confidence to wear anything that shows my arm without my cover makeup on, but I know it could be a lot worse.
I didn't start have laser treatments until I was 12, and I wish my parents had started it when I was younger. The bruising and bandages after a treatment were HORRIBLE to look at. People would always ask me if I broke me arm or some of the purple would show and gross people out. (I had to keep the area covered in gauze until it healed). If you have had any progress AT ALL with laser, I suggest you go all the way while Adam is still young. It will become a much bigger deal later in life.
The one piece of advice I would give Adam when he is older is...anyone who makes comments or makes fun of your birthmark, isn't worth worrying about. I have had a lot of people try to insult me with that, and it just doesn't get much worse than that. But you can't change that, just turn the other cheek and move on with life.
I wish you the best, and if you have any other questions feel free to e-mail me or write back on these boards.
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