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Default Exercise effect Laser treatment?

Hi all I posted a while back with questions then decided to go ahead with laser treatment.

So anyway I had my 1st treatment 3 weeks ago and it went well, did a full treatment even though I thought it would only be a consultation so was happy to get the ball rolling so early. Had laser treatment when I was younger so they had all my photos and records so were able to just start there and then.

The photos from my last treatment 10yrs ago were a surprise, I can only really remember my PWS as it is now but in those photos it was really faded unbelievably, 100% on neck and 50-60% on my cheek they have stated in my record. So was surprised to realise that my PWS as it is now had actually come back which the doctor said they now know happens in some cases.

So once these treatments are over I suppose I'll have to come back every year or so for a maintenance treatment. The doctor said it'll be 5-6 treatments i'll need just now. But Im expecting more than that, I think 5-6 is the standard answer they give everyone.

Thought I'd just fill you guys in on my little story before I ask my question, Im usually lurking around on this forum not signed in.* ;D

Well anyway Im very much into my fitness, weight lifting and cardio etc, so I was wondering would me doing exercise inbetween treatments after healing effect my results at all? I seem to have healed completely by week 3, all spots and scabs gone. So will me working out after 3 weeks rest after treatment effect my results at all?

Was hopeing to rest 3 weeks then work out for 5 weeks before the next treatment and start a routine like that. But if the blood rushing to my face or stress on my body effects my treatment results i'll just I suppose take it easy for the next 1-2 years it'll take to complete the treatments.

Thanks for any replies.
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