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Hi Adams mom, my name is Hank I am a 21 year old that has several PWS's on my face and head. I have been doing laser treatments for about 14 years now. I am assumming your son's PWS is some where noticable to people. In this case you are in I would suggest being straight forward with your son because when he does start school he will be made fun of and teased because all of the other child will think he is different. Trust me I have been thru it. I garrente that he will come home some days crying because of the kids at school, but that just means you and your family will have to love him more. If your son does not know what he has it will make the matter worse in the future because if another kid asks him what it is your child can educate them so they will not be affrad to be friends. I would have to say Elementry school was the worst for me because the children in my class did not know what to think but as I got older the saw it was not going any where and I became popular. The only bad part about high shool was I did not have very many relationships with girls as dateing, most of them where just friends. Just to give you a heads up for the future.
But back to my point I strongly suggest teaching your child about what he has so he can understand it and he will benfit it in the long run.
I am sorry to be the one to tell you but depending on how deep your son's mark is the chances that you can get it completely removed. If you can you have the chance of it coming back. Everybody is different so there is different cases with different people. I think you should at least try to go all the way, but let your son decide how far he wants to go. My parents did not let me decide so I made it really hard on them until I understood what they where tring to do. Put it this way your son is different for a reason because God has chosen him for perpose on this earth. He would not be here if this was not true. He is just more special then other children. He also will be more open to things like the way people look for instence. He will be less judgemental also.

If you would like to talk more I would love to, if you have any other questions I would like to here them.
If I do not here from you good luck and I have faith in what you will chose to tell your son.

Hank B
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