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I'm new to this list and find this information helpful.. So glad you're all here sharing your stories.

A week ago I had minor surgery to remove what I now realize was probably a VM from my lower lip. I'd had it for years, starting as just a blue spot (noticed at age 14 and I'm now 38) but in recent years it grew. One doctor said it could just keep growing and the doctor who removed it said he thought it was probably hemangioma. He also said he thought they got it all but of course it started to bleed when they cut into it so he couldn't see completely, but if it came back he'd take it out again. YIKES!

I'm still recovering so my lip still looks a little bluish and I can't tell if it's completely gone. The info on this site said "partial removal is not recommended" cuz it will grow back (in a few weeks??). How do you know how deep it is/was? What other kinds of treatments are there and is it always associated with some kind of pain or syndrome or illness? I don't really understand the implications of this and am in Toronto, Canada wondering about informed doctors here (none on this list).

Any info that any can pass on would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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