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Default Re: 23 yr old female Vascular Malformation or Hemangioma?

Hi Beatrice,

I too have a VM, mine is throughout my left elbow(including in the joint) and bit of the forearm.

I had sclerotherapy done with a doctor in Colorado. I found out the depth of it through an MRI, Angiogram and CT Scan.

From what I understand it is NOT always associated with syndrome/illness, but some cases can be painful, as in my case. There are other options other than surgery, which is not the best option due to the fact that they will/can come back wether it be a week,a month,a year.

There is a great site on MSN it's the vascularbirthmarksupport .. I cannot find the complete address but I know if you google it you can find the link and also someone on here might post it. There is a mom from Canada in the ONtario area who son recieves treatment at a hospital in Toronto..hopefully she will see this, but she is also on the MSN site

Hope this helps

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