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Default Re: Do insurance companies pay for laser treatments?

Many people have no problem obtaining insurance coverage for laser treatment.* Unfortunately, many others do have to fight to get coverage.* I, myself have not had to appeal for coverage of laser treatment as I live in Minnesota.* Here it is a state mandate that laser treatment for PWS be covered by insurance.*

I know that it is important that the doctor you choose considers your treatment a medical necessity rather than a cosmetic procedure.* If you have problems there are several great appeal letters posted here and on a couple of other sites that emphasize the medical necessity of laser treatment for PWS..i.e. thickening, blebs, hypertrophy, bleeding, etc.* Usually the appeal letters that they post for your reference are ones that have been successful.

PWS IS definitely a medical condition....not cosmetic.* The laser treatments do benefit the cosmetic appearance of the birthmark, but they first and foremost help delay the medical side effects of the birthmark.* Now...if we could just make ALL the insurance companies go for that.* :

Sorry I couldn't be more help.* I'm sure someone who's had to appeal their insurance company will chime in with specifics.


Sites with appeal letters besides the ones posted here:
MSN Vascular Birthmark Support

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