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At the age of 12, I was rushed to the emergency room because of this huge bump(3 inches wide) that suddenly appeared on my left shoulder. They thought that it was cancer, but it turned out to be a hemangioma. Apparantly it had been growing for several years. It was more of an internal hemangioma and since those blood vessels built up, it stopped the blood flow to my heart and caused a blood clot. I almost died. I am now 18 and have already had 2 more surgeries. I have a lot of pain, so every 6 months, I get cortizone shots to help with the pain. It actually works. You should ask your doctor if it might help you. I also have another hemangioma on my right leg that is about 5 inches. It doesn't hurt, but I am definately self conscious about it. So, you definately need to have yours checked out often. If you have any questions about hemangiomas, maybe I could help?
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