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Dear LesaB,

I'm an adult woman, from Montreal, Canada. Five weeks ago, I had an AVM on my lower lip excised by Dr. Milton Waner, at the Children's Arkansas Hospital (Little Rock) where he heads a Vascular Anomalies Clinic. My tumor was not as extensive as the one you describe: the surgery lasted an hour and a half. Dr. Waner succeeded in taking out most of it, and expects it to recur in about ten years. That's good enough for me. The swelling due to the surgery has not completely receded yet, but it does every day, and I'm so happy because my lip looks normal at last! I used to have people looking at me, children staring... No more!

Since you live in Tennessee, I suggest that you get in touch with Dr. Waner and send him pictures and other medical documents. He is one of the greatest surgeons for this type of tumors. In Montreal, specialists treating vascular anomalies know about him and recommended that I see him. You happen to live not so far.

I can tell you that from the moment I could speak over the phone with Dr. Waner, I felt a great relief about the whole thing. It was on New Year's Eve, he called me in the afternoon from his residence, left a message giving his phone number on our answering machine, and I called him back at this residence, late that night... He had looked at my pictures and my medical record, and was ready to help and to explain. In the following weeks, we had a few more phone conversations.

If you would like to have his address and office phone numbers, I will gladly send them to you.

(As for the plastic surgeon who has performed the surgeries on your daughter, did you check if his name appears in the physicians' list given on this Web site?)

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