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Dear Hank,

Along with what Shelly touched on...Besides your birthmark which does make you different, I see a strong man who has character and a good sense of self and I think that it is important that you know that and hear it from others who read your story. I, have a Portwein stain, on the right side of my face. Mine is a deep cherry color. When I was born it covered 75% of the right side of my face, today, I am fortunate to say that it covers 25% and I am very thankful...however, it is still visible and easy to see/notice. It is very hard dealing with it and seeing other people who have to deal with the same thing! I am thankful to know that there are other people out there who have to deal with similar things like myself. I am 20 years old (female)..and trust me it is not easy to deal with. I have had 40+ laser surgeries. I was one of Dr. Milton Waners first patients. I saw him when I was a baby, in Arkansas.I used to fly there a few times a year. I live in California, and I now go to the Beckman Laser Clinic, located in Irvine, CA (Dr. Waner deals with more extreme cases than mine and he is an incredible Doctor).

Keep in touch! I loved your website.
I believe I saw you on Oprah? I could be totally wrong...but I saw something on might have been a documentary with Dr. Waner (I see a lot of them on the discovery channel).
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