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I had an AVM on my lip that appeared 11 years ago (at age 19) that was supposedly cured surgically by a plastic surgeon. Two years later it was in my nose and treated with laser surgery. Two weeks later the damaged skin broke open and I had blood spraying out of my face and had to hold onto it myself for four hours until an operating room was available. A year later it was surgically excised from my nose and lip and once again I was "cured." I had such an impressive team of surgeons at Emory University that I believed that it was. When I was 25 I noticed a pulse on the side of my nose. I was no longer in college and had no health insurance. My condition wasn't covered until last year and then I was told I was not curable. I saw 9 surgeons at Emory last year and they all either referred me on or sent me home. After losing all hope I found this site (actually looking for Dr. Waner) and was referred to Dr Yakes. When I met Dr. Yakes he told me immediately that he had seen my condition many times before, that it was curable, and that he had cured it before. I came back from my 5th treatment this Monday and he believes that he is finished. In two months I will see a plastic surgeon to clean up my nose and lip. For now I believed that my AVM is gone. That familiar pulse is certainly not there and someone that actually knows my condition has treated it. I sincerely believe that there is no way to treat an AVM with a knife. That is precisely why no one would attempt it at Emory. Do not let anyone attempt to surgically remove an AVM unless they can explain to you why they shouldn't be surgically removing an AVM. Plenty of surgeons will be willing to try it. There are only a few experts on AVMs in the country. Don't let anyone else touch you or your child.

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