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Default Cure for Port Wine Birthmark

Hi Everyone: My name is Simin and I am new one. My grandson only 2 months old has been
diagnosed with Port Wine Birthmark. He has it on his mouth and chin and a little bit of it on the corner of his tongue. My daughter is very worried for her baby. A specialist in San Francisco area said he must have laser surgery when he is six months old. The Doctor was
not friendly and did not explain or answer many of her questions.

First I would like to know more about Dr. Waner in New York and any contact information as
phone number or web site? Is he better then the California Doctors?

Second I would like any information on the mentioned web site that can help with travel and ticket expenses since my daughter lives in San Franciso it will be very expensive to go to
New York.

Is it possible for some cases to get complete cure with the laser treatments?

Must you take the laser treatments for life to keep the birthmark away.

My daughter and I are both in worry what may happen. Any help would be appreciated.

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