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I would encourage you to contact Dr. Nelson (he is in the ask an expert section on this website). He is in Irvine California and hosted the pws conference.* *He has many lasers he uses to customize the tx. best for each case and even may use more then one at an appt.* He is also an engineer and has developed some great devices to help get more light into the pws.* He is very good at responded to email with in 24 hours if he is in town.* This would be a lot closer for you, less expensive and he is top notch in the field.* Dr. Waner is awesome...but I agree it isn't necessary to travel that far for laser tx.* Dr. Waner even found someone closer for use for my son's laser tx. (we are in Washington State).*

Experience is key with laser tx. and Dr. Nelson has that experience.*

The "grade" of the pws will determine how successful the fading of the stain. Some low grade stains have been reported to not return (yet) on adult patients... only time will tell... many pws require annual tx. to maintain the fading. Dr. Nelson would be able to give you more details.
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