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Hi Simin

My daughter has a facial pws that includes her chin and in it inside her mouth, on her gums on the right hand side and the whole of her bottom lip and right half of top lip. Claire has never had any problems. I will say that her bottom lip has become enlarged over her 3 years of life, but it is not giving her any problems at this stage. Her teeth on the right side also came through earlier than the left side.

Claire has had 9 treatments so far with the Candela V-Beam and the chin has faded considerably compared to before any treatments.

All the best to your daughter and grandson, and although I understand your daughter will probably be going through a bit of a tough time at the moment (I did for nearly 2 years) your grandson will be in good hands with the doctors you have available in America. Get your daughter to ask all the questions she has to us and the doctor, it really does help eleviate the stress of the situation.

Best wishes
Catherine (Claire's mum - facial pws 3y1.5m)
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