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Default COVER FX makeup is truly wonderful!

I work at a laser clinic in Canada and our clinic began to offer COVER FX consultations to our patients. All of my patients who have tried it have been very pleased.
It was developed at SunnyBrook Hospital in Toronto. There are 39 skin tones for the camouflage cream, so anyone can be perfectly matched. There are 19 shades of their liquid foundation. They both contain UVA/UVB protection, are safe for even the most sensitive skin, can be worn over any skin treatment products, are water resistant yet dissolve easily with cleanser and a full face application can be performed by anyone in 2 minutes! Do visit their web site
I hope this helps. The makeup can be worn by anyone to give a flawless complexion. I don't have a pws, but do have uneven skin tones and enlarged pores, dark circles around my eyes. I use a combination of the liquid foundation and the camouflage cream. Prior to this, I didn't wear foundation. This line has helped a lot of my patients, given them confidence. For me, I had been looking for an uncomplicated high quality makeup.

Hope this helps someone!
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