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Default Re: Venous Malformation under eye

No Problem Tina

I can tell you that I was first told the "thing" in my arm, which is what we called it since I was about 8-9 years old this past year was a hemangioma. Which I have learned that adults do not have! As they involute (fade/go away) by about the age of 10. So do not blame yourself for the way you dealt with it. Many doctors still are unsure of wether it's a VM or Hemangioma, please do not blame yourself. Like your husband said you did what the "experts" told you!

On the main page is an ask the expert section and I believe Dr.Fay is on there, ask him and he will answer the best he can.
Also do you have a pic you can post or e-mail so I can take a look at the h/vm? If you don't want to no big deal.
There is another great group on MSN, it's the vascular birthmark support group with outsanding moms and some dads on it. I don't have the direct link but a google search will lead you to us!!

Good Luck!

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