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Hi! My name is Beka and I have lymphaitc malformation(cystic hygroma) on my left ear and neck. I am 17 now and a Senior and, yes, I had to bear quite a bit of ridicule my other kids growing up. It was hard but then I realized that it wasn't a bad thing to have to go through all these surgeries and still have all these scars. My mother, who was very supportive of me, told me not to look at it as something different, but to look at it as God's special mark on me. While she was pregnant with me, the doctors said I wouldn't live if they went through with the pregnancy because it was so big and wrapped around my throat. So now when I look at it, it's not just a scare on my face, but a reminder that I'm a miracle, like all of us are. Your daughter is very fortunate to have a mother like you. I can't imagine going through 17 years of my life without the support of my parents.

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