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When we first discovered my husbands AVM's last year we were very lucky that our Vascular surgeon wasn't willing to touch it himself, but he was willing to look in on it and he referred us to Dr. Yakes in Colorado. My husband has multiple AVM's throughout his left arm. Dr. Yakes explained to us that it may take up to 4 years, with many treatments, but he would help. He explained how surgery can only make it worse. Many doctors will elect to do surgery and this only spreads the AVM's. Open surgery is not a good thing on these birthmarks. Please do not allow your daughter to go under the knife. Dr. Yakes invented a technique 20 years ago called alcohol embolization that he uses on my husband. He has trained others around the world, including someone in Boston. Contact Dr. Yakes office at the Swedish Medical Center in Englewood Colorado and ask for some information before you make any decisions. I met one of Dr. Yakes patients outside of the hospital while I was waiting for my husband to wake up. He had AVM's covering the right side of his face. Spanning from his mouth to his ear. He said he had been diagnosed in 1980. Throughout the next 10 years he had multiple surgeries and everytime it returned, and it spread farther. He has now been seeing Dr. Yakes for occasional treatments for the last 5 years. He showed me a picture. What a difference!
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