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I also wanted to give my 2 cents. I am thankful that my hemangioma was on my back. Though it was quite large and it ulcerated when I was very young and left me with a burn-like scar, I had a number of rude comments from not only other children (when I was younger) but often times even ruder comments from adults. It makes a large impact on a child. You can try to encourage them that it doesn't make a difference to you but the bottom line - would you want it on your face??? My baby was born with a hemangioma on her face and because of what I went through (and more so what my mother went through when I was an infant), I took action immediately and thankfully had a Dr. who was able to do a preventative liquid nitrogen, freezing treatment on her hemangioma, which stunted its growth and initiated the involution stage. Ultimately you need to make the decision for yourself and your child and weigh the risks and rewards.........good luck to you in your decision.
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