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Sarah H
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Hi, I cannot believe that I have found a site where there are other people who have the same condition as my 19 year old daughter. I have been searching the web "forever".
My daughter was diagnosed with an AVM at the age of 9 in her right ulna, radius, 5th metacarpal and the surrounding tissue. She currently goes to Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minn. for treatment; we were told that her AVM would stop growing when she went through puberty however that has not been the case. She has continued pain with use of her arm, whenever the weather changes, and when she is under stress. She has had several surgeries to try to remove the AVM, as well as scelerotherapy with none of them helping for any length of time.
Is there any one out there who has a similar experience and has successfull treatment?
We just saw another doctor Wednesay who gave us a pretty grim outlook.
Thanks for any info that you can offer. I'll look forward to a response from someone. Thanks, Sarah
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