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Sarah H
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Who are some of the doctors on the East Coast? What has been your experience? Where is your AVM and what things have you had done and how successfull have they been. I think the unknown is the thing that is the scariest. My daughter is a gifted musician and is currently studying to become a band director. The new doctor suggested that she change her focus in college because we cannot expect her AVM to stop its growth and eventually it will become more and more difficult for her to play; however, I feel that there has to be some type of treatment out there that will work and allow her to continue to have use of her arm.

Her two worst symptoms now are basically pain and she has a numbness tingling in her right hand on her little finger side; part of one of her AVM's is close to her ulnar nerve and my personal feeling is that it is compressing on that nerve. If you looked at her arm, other than the scars, I don't think that you could readily tell that she has an AVM.

I'll look forward to hearing from anybody who has had any experiences with AVM's that have occurred in their bones and muscles. Sarah

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