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Sarah H
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Default Pelvic AVMs?

OK, I am starting to have this intuitive thing or maybe it is a "worry-wart" thing, about my daughter. She currently has an AVM in her hand and forearm involving both her bones and muscles, but I have read that people can have them in their pelvis as well. She will be 20 this month and although I should have known this I did not realize that she only had a cycle 4 times a year and here recently since Christmas has had one twice. When she tried the high does of antibiotic to help slow down the growth of her AVM's several years ago she had a cycle continuously. What are the symptoms of pelvic AVM's? Is this something that I should be concerned about? Is irregularity a symptom? The AVM in her arm and hand have been growing again and I wondered if there is a connection? We have set up an appointment with a gyno next week but wondered how knowledgeable he would be regarding what to look for (we live in a very rural part of Kentucky.)

I hope someone out there has some info that would help us. I'll look forward to hearing from you . Sarah
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