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hi, my name is margie. My son had a similar case. At the time they called it just a hemangioma. He was 14 years old at the time. It was located on his upper left thigh. He had a small strawberry mark where it started to grow. It would get as big as a baseball when he would sit in certain positions. Looked like a big bump under the skin with a bluish tint to it. We went to a wonderful oncologist at UC Davis and he removed the hemangioma as agressively as he could. My son is 21 years old now and has never had anymore problems with it, except if he did sit for any length of time it would start to ache. Now this last week, he has been having problems and thinks he feels it growing back, it is hurting him and he feels knobs of something again. We are going to make another appointment to see the same dr. We were told that it had a high chance of growing back.
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