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Sarah H
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Hi Liz and Corrine, Thanks for your help and offering me your opinion. I didn't think things sounded right or at least I knew they didn't make sense to me. Nell is scheduled for a thyroid function test as well as a fasting insulin level test. I will wait to get those test results back and then contact Dr. Burrows, hopefully by that time she will have had enough time to review Nell's MRI's and will be able to offer an opinion.

I was able to contact her doctor at Mayo (I value his opinion greatly) He spoke with another doctor who said that there is a risk of a blood clot developing in Nell's AVM and traveling to her lungs if she were to take Provera; however he said that some patients with AVM's had been successfully treated by using provera to help regulate their periods. He said that we would need to watch for increased pain and discomfort IF she were to take provera which I'm guessing could indicate new growth and/or possible blood clot; however, after reading your responses and that of the her doctor at Mayo, I think that we will wait and see what the opinion of Dr. Burrows is.

You would think having an AVM would be enough of a challenge without adding all of this other stuff on top of it. (Sometimes life just gives you a raw deal...doesn't it?) One of the many things that upsets me about Nell having an AVM is that it is never ending. You can never let your guard down or "whammoo" you get kicked in the shins with something else.
Sorry about the "pitty" party. Thanks for your help. Talk with you later, Sarah
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