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Good grief.....I can't believe that a gyno would suggest a hormone treatment without giving better than the vague answers that they did. Sometimes I wish some (not all) physicians would stop treating us like children. ( own little vent.) I'm glad you're asking Dr. Burrows opinion.

Here's the scoop on Provera....which I have used a couple of times.

Provera is progesterone, and essentially kick starts your body into a luteal phase. (The time period...usually of two weeks..after you ovulate and before you get your period) It's often prescribed to women who go more than 4 months without a period...with precaution. It can also be used to prevent higher doses (think the depo provera shot). I don't know how this doctor prescribed this to your daughter.

BUT...and this is a big but....there are some precautions that should be taken. I'm not assuming that your daughter is sexually active...but this is a biggie. For women who are active...the Provera should ONLY be taken after a period of 2 weeks without unprotected intercouse....and after this two weeks need to have a negative pregnancy test before they start the hormone. A home test is fine, as long as the full two weeks have been counted. I usually give it about 2 extra days myself. Most doctors will not prescribe it without a negative pregnancy test....even if you tell them there's no way you could be pregnant.

Essentially...depending on the dose...provera can either halt ovulation completely...or it can kick start the body into having a period.

I think that the gyno is suggesting that your daughter may be having anovulatory cycles...(not ovulating every month).

Normal cycle....1. Period....2. body produces estrogen....3. body releases egg....4. body produces progesterone...5. if there's a pregnancy progesterone maintains it, if not...body has period again.

When you don't ovulate..there is a build up of estrogen, and also a build up of the lining of the uterus (which is a pre cancerous condition...but so is an abnormal pap which a lot of us have dealt with).

More than you ever wanted to know about yourself huh???? LOL


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