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Sarah H
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Hi Julie, What a wealth of info you gave me. I needed to know why/how everything works and you helped me with that. You are right some doctors are really arrogant and think their opinion is the one and only opinion (thankfully, not all are like that) I e-mailed Dr. Burrows (just to check in ) and I got an automated response stating that she'll be back in her office today, so I would imagine that she will be overwhelmed with "catch-up" work.

It's good to know of someone who took Provera and it helped them with no complications. (Do you have AVM's?) I feel pretty confident that my daughter is NOT sexually active, so the pregnancy issue would be mute for now; however, that would be something that she should be aware of when she does decide to become involved with someone. I think the doctor just "willy-nilly" prescribed Provera to her, because that is the "standard" treatment without even considering all the other circumstances going on with her.

I think the thought of seeing another gynocological doctor is not a very happy thought for my daughter (for that matter which one of us is it a happy thought?!?!?!?); she is pretty upset with the whole "shebang"....I don't blame her so am I. What a way to celebrate your 20th birthday weekend.

Thanks again for your help and insight. I needed to know what in the world the doctor was talking about. Talk with you later, Sarah
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