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Default Re:Looking for some pws advice

Hi anne,

Yes I have seen Dr. Frieden, she is a great doctor.
It is at the UNSF college. What they did was I made an appointment went in and several doctors from different fields look me over, also student doctors as well, they left the room then in a couple of hours brought me back my resaults. I think they handled it great. I ended up getting laser treatment on a new laser that they where still expermenting on. I voulentered for the treatment to see if it would work but know I had a very good chance of it scaring, and it did. The real reason I went there was to see if I could get my H's removed but with my artery it was to risky and I could not get treated. They are still looking over my MRI's incase it is possable for other treatment. I still need to go back for a follow up on my laser treatment. I have heard very good resaults from this website from this doctor. Your child still has a chance and this office is full of Vascular doctors and if your son has a chance for his marks to be removed they will do it. They have 14 different lasers there. Dr. Zachary was the doctor that gave me the treatments. Also, depending on your insurance they will pay most of the bill. My bill was nine hundred dollars and all I have to pay is one hundred. when you go to the doctors office ask what machine they will be using on your son. Also, tell me what the doctor says.

I have used four different kinds of laser machines, I have been awake, and put under for treatments, and I have been thru it all name calling, made fun of, laughed at, and etc etc.
If you can get your sons mark removed before he starts school he will get thru school alot easier then with his mark.
I hope the oppointment goes well and let me know what happens.

Hank B
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