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Hi all, great site. Thought it would be good to share my story, since most don't know*

I'm 18 and have a hemangioma on my chest/back. It's pretty large, in comparison with others that I've seen. It isnt one solid mass, about 4 or 5 "continent" looking pieces on my chest, and some lighter areas on my side. It kinda looks like a map* ;D As a result, as most people here know, there are always stares when going to the pool, or anytime where a shirt is off. Some think I've been hurt, others think its a "shark bite".* : It really hasnt bothered me too much; I kinda think its cool and makes me a little unique. Recently, though, its started to sore in some of the concentrated parts and hurt. They've gone away, but sometimes they resurface. I've always concidered having laser to remove it, especially now that I'm going to college. I wanted to know some feedback from people who have been through some type of laser and their experience.
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