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Default Talking to a Child about thier PWS

???Hi all,

I knew from the day my son was born that one day he would become aware that his face was different from others.* That day has finally come.* He had surgery this past Thursday and as we were getting ready to leave for hospital, he asked what was wrong with his face-this was the first time that he had asked about it.* I explained to him that it was a birthmark and we were on our way to the Dr to work on it.* Then Friday morning he saw his face and how much worse it looked so he asked what happened.* I explained again about birthmark and surgery but then Saturday he asked my mom about his face.* She explained that he had surgery for birthmark and he told her it didn't work.* He is only 3 years old and I'm just curious as to how others have address this issue with young children.* I know that I want to be honest with him and I constantly I'm telling him how handsome he is, how proud I am and even the days we did talk about his face, I told him that old looks don't matter it's who you are.* But once again he's 3 and I don't think he understands.* Are there any published materials i.e. books for children?* I have received some input from another post, but I'm really struggling with this.* (As I'm sure everyone here has at some point) And I'm guess I'm just putting the question out there for any suggestions or other information.*

Something else is how to address things that are said to him.* In the past I have addressed them and he has been unaware of what has transpired.* However, now things are being said directly to him, especially by children at his pre-school.* I feel that I should know how to handle this as a mom and a mental health professional, but I don't-it's different when working with your own family and all the emotion that is tied into it.*

Oh well, I have babbled enough for one day.* Thanks to anyone for listening and who may be of assistance.*
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