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Default Relationships

Hello everybody,

I am curious to know how many adults out there that have a VB have ever been in a serious relationship.

In grade school I never had a "girl friend" but I had several friends that where girls. Since I grew up in such a small town (around 40,000) that might have something to do with it, and I was the only one that I knew of that had PWS in my town. I went to home coming and prom but both girls I went with where just friends.

In college I had a even harder time find people to except me. I moved to a different state knowing nobody. After two years I did finely have two very short serious relationships and one that lasted about a month. The longer one I actually met in psycology class. Since then it has been about three years that I have been single now.

With a facial birthmark it is really hard to find the opisite sex to except you for who you really are inside. I am sure this goes both ways but peolpe are way to judge mental.

If anybody would like to talk about this issue please do. I am interested in what you have to say.

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