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Old 03-10-2008, 03:01 AM
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Cool My Story

Just found this forum... pretty cool.

Well; My name is Arturo and I live in Las Vegas, NV. I am 20 years old and attending college.
I was born with a vascular malformation on my left cheek. This covered basically my whole cheek both outside and inside. My parent have always gone out of there way to find someone and I am blessed to have such parents. As young child I was very active and every now and then my cheek would bleed. My parents got scarred and they would take me to the hospital with no one knowing what was happening to me. Through middle school I was teased somewhat, and def. stared at. I have always had a lot of friend and I am thankful few people have rejected me. It was frustrating sometimes knowing that I had a birthmark covering my left cheek, but I had to cope with it.

It was in 5th grade that I got the opportunity of a lifetime. One of my dad's friends from work found someone named Dr. Waner that was in Little Rock, AR. He saw me and he said there was something he could do. I was so happy. I went to Arkansas various times to get laser treatments and diff. procedures.

My biggest surgery was about 8-10 hrs long in which he took most of the malformation out, but a stain still appeared. My cheek size dramatically decreased and i can say that its very similar to my right cheek.

Through middle school I continued going to Arkansas with skin grafts, lasers, etc. and my coloration has gone down a lot. Middle school was ok socially. I continued to have friends, and still people kept starring... this of course will never end... it human curiosity... that's all. I'd stare too... No girlfriend or anything, but there was a girl that asked me out in 8th grade, but I rejected her because I was too young, didn't know her, etc...

High school was the best time period. I had a lot of friends and I was doing well socially. I was very shy, but once I got confidence I would be ok. I played track in my first school, in the JROTC program, rifle team, and some other things. I was kind of smart I guess... got mainly straight A's. Through sophomore year I was in that school and it was great. I liked it. I did have my crushes, but I thought all of them were "out of my league," so I did nothing. I saw friend have girlfriend, and I was alone in that department.

My Junior and Senior year I was in another school because we moved house. I didn't like the idea because I had to start over again with friends and such. First day kinda sucked because I'd just pick the farther seat from the front. It wasn't until Anatomy class that I met this one girl who was so nice and made me feel great in that school. She was very cute, very kind, and really cool (kinda hard to find). I didn't think nothing of her, but a friend... I quickly made friends that year and by my second semester I was doing well socially.

My senior year I was very well-known. Apparently most people knew who I was, so I was doing very good. I was still semi-shy, but less than other years. I asked a girl out to a fall formal or whatever (I forget the name) and she said yes and it was great. Nothing happened though, we just kinda stayed friends.
I met this one girl that I found interest in and through senior year we became very good friends. She was in this one group I was in along with most of my other friends. All of us went to sadies together and it was great. That girl and I grew really close together and we'd talk on the phone all the time. I began to really like her, but I didn't know if she liked me back. Some friends said to ask her, but never really listened to them. I was scared to lose her as a friend. Anyway, for prom I planned on asking her, but another friend asked me first, and I said yes... I did ask my "dream girl" to dance though and she accepted. Graduated and was in the senior superlatives. Graduated with high honors too.

Now in college, I am 20 and hoping to get into medical school. Socially I seem to be doing better than any of my other friends, but not too sure. Girls life sucks... I hang out with a lot, but none who I like. Oh and the girl from high school I had big crush on.... remember?... well; She's been going out with a friend of mine for almost 2 years now! Haven't really fallen for anyone except for last year and idk why. But yea... I am at the library right now trying to get my study on....

Well; that's my novel....

.... back to chemistry...
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Old 03-11-2008, 07:18 PM
hankbartenbach hankbartenbach is offline
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Welcome to the group.

Thank you for posting your story. It was pretty interesting.
I went to college in Carson City NV but do not live there any more.

I have had three plastic surgeries with Dr. Waner back in 2005. I sure wish I would have found out about him back when you saw him. I am glad he was able to help you.

Talk to you soon

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