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Old 10-07-2003, 10:33 PM
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Default LOOONG post, and a question about pregnancy

hello everyone! i've come across this website before in the past, but never thought about checking out the discussion board. i'm glad i did, because i bet some of you/ all of you could be helpful!

first of all, i'm christie, i'm 18, a freshman in college, in Missouri.

i was born with my "blue spot" (it's a charming term, don't you think?). it started as just a spot on my left foot (on the inside heel part by my ankle), and slowly spread into a large venous malformation. through the years, it has spread across the bottom of my foot (these are very small clusters, not at all like the large one on my ankle/heel area), up my leg (again, very faint spottings), on the back of my thigh, and hmmmm....how to post this on the internet......into more private regions. :-X i even have a tiny blue spot dot on my shoulder... so i guess it extends to there.

what does my blue spot look like? hmm. it's blue. it's just a puffy bunch of veins. the concentrated one on my foot is bumpy and very textured to the touch.. it's usually tight (full of blood/pressure) not soft or gushy, if that makes ANY sense, lol. the smaller ones are just faint, flat little blue patches more than anything... they don't stand out. (sorry for my lack of terminology!) the "private" one is more of a mix b/w the patches, and a bit of a larger concentration.

i went to a specialist about it when i was younger, and he said it was a hemangioma. my family doctor knows nothing about it, but thinks it's "cool."

about a year ago, i had a doctor from dermatology check out my blue spot. she said i had multiple venous malformations involving mainly the left leg, with scattered satellite lesions. she wants to do an MRI, then see me again, but i'm in college and don't have enough $ for that, so here i am!!

i have been a very active person. i was captain of both the cheerleading and dance squads in high school. my blue spot is often painful, especially mornings after i'd had a very active day previously. sometimes it takes an hour to "let my foot warm up" before i can walk with ease. but i've never really had a problem with my "problem." it's not that big of a cosmetic issue, because the ones on my leg are faint, and the one on my foot is easily covered. none of the doctors i've seen have suggested surgery.

my only real concern with my blue spot is an extremely emotional one for me, and i'm just hoping that i can get some feedback/support from someone on here.....

i want to have babies, and i have no idea how this will affect/ if this will affect my pregnancy.

i know, i know... i'm 18, and a virgin! i've got a good 5 years before i plan on making my children. but having kids is my number one goal in life... it's the most important thing in the world to me, and i've always carried around this shadow... this doubt, that maybe i won't be able to because of my blue spot. i don't know, but i would like to be able to tell my boyfriend of 3 years for sure if i can have kids before we get married.

my mom and i mainly created this pregnancy-problem theory, because of the blue spots that are on my "private region" as previously mentioned. my family physician showed a little concern to how CARRYing a child would bear pressure and might cause pain in this area.

the dermatologist at the hospital said i would need an MRI before she could make any type of guess.

anyways, i still think and pray every day and night about this fear about my pregnancy.
i don't know what i want to hear... just any input about the affect a venous malformation has had on pregnancy. i want to eventually get an MRI done, but until then, any advice, encouragement, or insight would be so awesome!!

ps- i know this post is probably full of errors about the actuality of venous malformations-- which serves as evidence that i haven't been properly educated by my doctors about my condition through the years. so any corrections or insight is welcomed.

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