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Old 08-15-2008, 06:21 PM
jnieznay jnieznay is offline
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Default Fused bones

I am not sure if anyone has had this experience however I am dealing with wrist issues and wanted to hear if this has happened else where. I was born with what was told to my mother as a hemangioma on my right wrist. I have since been diagnosed with an AVM in my right wrist and thumb. My whole life my wrist has caused me severe pain and so I have lived my life using it as little as possible. I am a 29 yr old male and over the past few months my wrist had gotten REALLY bad. I had started to work out and thought I could work through the pain, but all I did was cause permanent damage. Apparently I have have 2 fused bones in my wrist that are causing me to have severe artritus in my wrist. It happened to be my the base bones that belong to my thumb and forefinger called my trapezium and trapezoid.

The surgeon that I saw found this and scheduled surgery for him to remove one of the bones and do a tendon wrap to hold my thumb in place. I was excited to have the pain relieved but unsure of the complications of the AVM. So I found a vascular team of Dr.s @ TX Children's that advised that I proceed with the suregry and that the AVM is not worth looking at because the pain is from the artritus. And then a month later and 2 days before surgery they call me back and ask me to postpone my surgery with my surgen and come in for more testing. I did an MRI with a dye in my blood and now they want me to go to another specialist for an angiogram.

When does this testing madness end? What should I expect from the Dr. after the Angiogram????
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Old 09-01-2008, 02:47 PM
KristieinStMarysGA KristieinStMarysGA is offline
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We never know what to expect with these things.

I have a VM throughout my left elbow and forearm, I have gone through similiar doctor issues and I have found that the best bet is to see a specialist if at all possible.

Once, my diagnosis was final ( I had about 7 or 8 misdiagnosis before getting it right) I found a specialist and saw him.

I've had sclerotherapy done with Dr.Yakes and it has helped a tremendous amount, I also now have a specialist a lot closer.

I would check the find a doctor page, and see if any of them are close to you and get their opinon.

Good Luck!
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