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Old 08-18-2011, 05:11 AM
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Talking Keep your head up.

Hey I'm Nathan. I'm 17 years old and about to start my Senior year of high school. This, is my story.
Okay, so I know everyone claims to have a HUGE birthmark, but honestly, mine is MASSIVE!!! Mine though is nuts.
I also think I have one of the most unique birthmarks, not only is it a red port wine, but it's also brown, mixed in with the red. It's very unique.

This might take a while to read, from head to toe.

Face - My entire left half of my face and the bottom right half of my face. Along with both ears, and speckled on the top of my head. I'd say about 75% or so

Neck - The same left side of my neck is also red. It wraps around that side and a little blotch is on the right front side. Maybe 55%

Torso - This is where it gets a lil tricky to tell. The white (my regular skin colour) and red make a heart shape. The bottom of the heart shape starts at my solar plexus and it wraps around my nipples to come to the top point in between them. The inside of the heart is white, with red speckled here around it. The tricky part is, some of it is brown, light brown, and white. It's very hard to determine how much is actually birthmark and how much is just skin. My back has the same thing going on. It's a light brown, with red speckled on it. My left shoulder blade is white skin, with red outlining around it.

Left arm - For the most part it is red. The underside on my tricep is white. My palm is red and so are my fingers on my left hand.
Right arm - My right arm has a little speckled on my forearm and my palm is red as well. The underside of my arm is hard to tell, as it has the light brown/red mix going on as well. It's really hard to explain exactly.
Genitals - I know we're all pretty mature reading this, I'll be as proper as I can. The testicles are mostly red, and extends along the shaft of the penis covering the glans completely. The entire right side of my buttocks is also red.

Legs/feet - The back of my right thigh and it goes down to wrap around my entire right calf and covers most of my right foot. The back of my left thigh also has a 3 inch by 1 inch splotch.

I know it's tough to describe but yeah.
I used to be really shy about it, but when I was about 11 I started becoming very strong with it. Most people that know me don't even notice.
I have fun with it ^_^ I've told many wild stories but always tell the truth about it in the end.
For those of you that are self conscious about it, don't be. Many people can hide theirs with makeup or something like that. Wear longer clothing, but mine physically could not be covered up, it would take me WAY to long. To those of you that are struggling with it, don't worry about it (: God made you a certain way. You're perfect in his eyes, and that's all you should worry about.

I'm here for anyone that needs somebody to talk to about their birthmark. Feel free to add me on Facebook (: I'd be more than happy to talk.
Or look me up - Nathaniel Allin Chilton
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