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Old 08-31-2004, 02:10 AM
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Default Effectiveness of Laser

I have a daughter that just turned 1 year old and she has had 3 laser surgeries to this point. The MD has recommended 6 initially to be followed up in the future with maintainance treatments. Her PWS is located on the forehead on one side (very light) and and on the opposite cheek and bridge of her nose (1-2 shades darker). We had been told and I have read that the more medial the PWS the more difficult it is to effectively lighten the BM. W have seen a dramatic improvement, but from some of the things I've read on this forum it sounds like her PWS either has not been as responsive or the intensity of the laser is not as high. Some of these posts have talked about the PWS fading almost completely. I certainly hope this is the case, but the improvement has not been as dramtic for Lily (daddy's girl ;D). The last thing I want to do is sound unappreciative for how much we have been blessed and how much her PWS has faded, I'm just wondering if there could be something more that I haven't thought of. In our experience there has not been near as much change as in the picture to the right on the screen. I find my self worrying for my daughter's future and happiness that I want to make sure I've done what I can. I also wanted to say that I hope my daughter has the courage of some of the young girls on this forum. Your stories are an inspiration to all of us.

Thanks, Jim
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Old 08-31-2004, 03:24 PM
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Default Re:Effectiveness of Laser

Hi Jim,
As you know every pws responds differently to laser. Some areas tend to be more stubborn than others. My daughter has a facial pws. Her results have been very good. When people see her pictures, they always comment on her fading and I have to remind them that she began laser treatments when she was six weeks old and she had 12 or 13 laser treatments before she was even a year old. Her temple area responded very well but she has a little bit on her upper cheek that has not responded as well. It is being "stubborn." I dont know what laser setting your doctor uses, but most doctors will attempt to use the "best settings" while minimizing the risk of scarring.
It may also be hard for you to judge actual fading because you see her everyday. Pictures also can be difficult to use as a guide because sometimes the pws looks darker in pictures or sometimes lighter. Also remember that being vascular, temperature, moods etc can affect it. I have never seen true fading in my daughter until at least 10-12 weeks after a treatment.
Her pws also bisects her upper eyelid so we also have to see an eye doctor since she is at risk for Glaucoma.
Hang in there and ask any questions that you may have. If I did not answer all your questions, please let me know.....
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