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Old 08-21-2015, 05:05 PM
deeinkc deeinkc is offline
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@naviris, I hope your laser treatments are successful. Please update us with your progress on whether it is working for you.
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Old 10-19-2015, 11:21 PM
rachels rachels is offline
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Hi Clewdo,
My son is 3 weeks old, and since last week I've noticed a bluish patch around his right cheek and it seems to have grown larger. After researching on the internet I suspect it's Nevus of Ota. We are seeing a specialist in 2 weeks to find out what exactly it is. I'm so glad to have found someone with the same problem - have you started treatment for your daughter? I too have the same question about when to best start treatment. Could you post an update?

Hope we can stay connected!

Originally Posted by kjean10 View Post
I am so excited that I found a name for this thing that has been bothering me for 6 years. I'm a 20 year old African American woman and I recently (less than 6 years) found out anything about the nevus of ota. I wasn't born with it I just noticed a dark blue ish black mark around my right eye when I was 15 or 16 I got myself to belive that I might have been hit by a ball. I'm looking for treatment next year 2013 but I want to know what works for everyon,?? I've never been a fan of makeup but MAC does the trick no one even nitices & it's water proof let me know how treatments went for everyone!!
Originally Posted by Clewdo View Post
Hi I'm new to this forum. I just delivered a baby girl. She is 3wks old. She has dark blue coloring on her upper and lower left eyelid. She also has some blue on her nose. Her left face is also slightly discolored. At first the pediatricians told us that she got bruised during the delivery but her delivery was smooth. Then they said it was a mongolian spot. We started dojng research on it after since we haven't heard of mongolian spots on the face. We saw a dermatologist and pediatrician and neither of them were sure of the diagnosis.
Thank you for sharing all your stories. I'm looking into treatments for her. Hearing all your experiences makes me want to shelter her as much as possible. Already we've been asked why she has a black eye.
Does anyone know of the youngest person treated with the laser?
@nabmerdika do you have before and after pictures that you can share?
Thank you so much!
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Old 12-12-2015, 05:29 PM
Sandy0916 Sandy0916 is offline
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My 1 year old daughter was recently diagnosed by her ophthalmologist with Nevus of Ota on her left eye and on her left temple. We are waiting to see a dermatologist but after a lot of research we want to try laser. I don't know how it would work for a baby as I doubt she can stay still for the treatments. Can Anyone who have brought their babies to get laser share their experience. Also, which clinic they would recommend to get the treatments for your baby? How was she afterwards? In pain? Was putting him/her under general anesthesia scary? Any before and after pics? Thanks so much!

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Old 12-14-2015, 04:38 AM
missy missy is offline
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Hi and welcome!

We don't have much information here about that type of birthmark, since it is not a vascular birthmark. However, you can still ask one of our experts at

and they will still answer.

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