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Old 08-04-2006, 09:55 PM
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Thumbs up Other PWS treatment


I am in my early 30s.
I have had the pulse dye laser treatment for a few years.
I have a PWS on my left side cheek (including over top lip) up to the bottom of my eye and also one on my temple.

The treatment was ok with a little of fading and prevention of darkning.

I had stoped this laser for at least 4 years and noticed the PWS becoming darker. My specilaist in Sweden appointed me to a laser doctor who wanted me to try a new idea. He suggested that we use a light source which is also used to remove unwanted hair. We are still using this now for 2.5 years and I am very happy with the results. The light is applied with a fast burst, almost as painful as the laser but it covers a much larger area each time (100mm sq approx).
There is little blushing after and which is gone after 3 days. Much less tissue damage compared to the laser. My PWS is still there but fading better than the laser. I am intrested in knowing if others have heared of this treatment.
I dont need to use pain relief cream before treatment.

I will continue the treatment of which is in approx 6 weeks intervals.
I believe that I will soon get much better results if all continues as well as before. There is no blistering and it is easier to show my face at work as there are no dark dots as there where after the laser.

Please lets find out more about this. The light treats a larger area less aggressively so it makes sense to me that it is doing a better job.

// Sweden

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Old 08-06-2006, 10:33 PM
hankbartenbach hankbartenbach is offline
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I am 24 with facial PWS.

Is the machine called "the light" or do you have the name of the machine. I have been doing laser treatment with PDL machines all my life except for a few times and I have heard of a couple people that have lasers that were used on them that have been use to treat hair removal in the past. I have heard of a couple machines and was curious if you are useing one of them. Jim Devier on this group has used a diode laser and has been getting similar results.

I am happy you found a machine that has helped you and hope to hear more about you very soon.

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Old 09-25-2006, 02:36 AM
djdoc djdoc is offline
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Default IPL vs PDL

Well, i really not sure if it's the same as in my case. I first tried intense pulsed light (IPL) -which is more used in hair removal cases, in this case was a Photoderm VL from Lumenis. I got a my big PWS on face, neck, chest, ear, and bottom lip. My doctor suggested me to try first his IPL, the reason? well the costs, IPL sessions are less expensive than PDL. In the neck i got a great response -almost 80%-, in the face i got problems, the IPL is non coherent light, so it can 'burn' the tissue and it left me a big scar on the chin and other next to the ear. Maybe that's the case. In fact IPL can use higher fluences as the PDL, but does not has the DCD -i love the DCD- which helps on cooling and reducing the pain of the procedure.
Actually i'm on the PDL, i have passed the first try, with a 7mm spot, and about 7 j/cm2. It worked very well on the chest, but no response on face or neck. This coming Thursday I suggested my doctor to try higher fluences, we'll see what happens.
Dj Doc says Relaxxx
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Old 10-28-2006, 09:19 PM
Debbie Mangan
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Question Try something new

My 18 year old daughter has a PWS under her eye. The PDL has given her little results.

Has anyone ever thought of using permanent eye makeup from a plastic surgeons office? This might help to camouflage the area.
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