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Old 06-16-2003, 02:12 AM
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Default PLEASE HELP ME.....

I am a 31 year old female who suffers from NUMEROUS medical conditions which have caused me to be disabled at age 26. I have had 4 spinal surguries with a fusion, fibromyalgia, hasimotos thyroiditis, immune disorder (Not HIV or AIDS), Sever asthma which require steroids frequently, Ramsey Hunt Syndrom which has caused numerous bouts of bells palsy( allways on the side where this spot is), nerve damage, seziures and severe neuralgia. This is the very "short" list. I was also in a rollover motor vehicle accident last summer which caused a severe concussion which caused my eyes to swell shut.
Being female I still try to take care of myself IE: hair & make-up. A while back I noticed a bright red spot above my left eyebrow. It has continued to enlarge and has started having bleeding spells which take lots of pressure to stop. I am currently suffering from edema and due to my throid disorder I am in menopause. I am TERRIFID....My primary care physician called it an "angiomia" and refered me to a cancer/plastic surgeon. The appointment is this week the day before my birthday. I have a very large history of cancer in my family and lost my father due to cancer caused by Agent Orange Exposure. I have done a full "body" check and have found some more red spots, moles that have changed, and a small growth under my arm. Can ANYONE PLEASE HELP? The growth "angeomia" does have pain and is growing and bleeding. Please help me....Do I have cancer??? If ANYONE has ANY suggestions or information please please pass it along no matter how small or trivial you may feel it is...This thing only apeared in the past couple of years and it is still growing. I first thought it was acne but apperently it is not. is a bright red spot the size of one of the smily icons and it bleeds severly for such a small "spot." (it takes several sheets of paper towels, pressure, and sometimes it bleeds through sevral band-aids) ANY AND ALL INFORMATION IS TREMENDOUSLY APPRECIATED. I found this site by using search engine and after reading symptoms it sounds like you may be able to help....... :'(
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