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Old 07-12-2004, 12:20 AM
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Default Does anyone have a PWS that will "disappear" when rubbed?


Does anyone have a PWS birthmark that will immediately dissappear when rubbed, then just as quicky appear back?

My PWS covers my back right leg.and is light pink in color, except when cold, then it turns purplish.

Noel Holmes
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Old 07-16-2004, 09:10 PM
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Default Re:Does anyone have a PWS that will "disappear" when rubbed?

Because the Port Wine Stain is vasculer when you rub it it will turn light because you are pushing the blood out of the area. It the refill that makes it red just as quick.\
Jeff. try it with your finger nail it the same thing.
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Old 08-16-2004, 11:05 PM
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Default Re:Does anyone have a PWS that will "disappear" when rubbed?

Trust me, everything you described is very normal.
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Old 11-12-2004, 02:55 AM
Kathryn S
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Default Re:Does anyone have a PWS that will "disappear" when rubbed?

I had these two little brown spots on my hand, and when I stretched out the skin, they would go away. When I was getting laser for my PWS on my face, my doctor zaped the spots. They have never came back, and I can't even remember which hand it was on now!

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Old 11-16-2004, 07:59 PM
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Default Re:Does anyone have a PWS that will "disappear" when rubbed?

I am new to this site. I am 27 and I have a PWS covering about 3/4ths of my left leg. Mine also dissapears when I push on it. When I was younger I used to play with it and make it disappear in patterns while I was in school.
But I was also wondering, has anyone ever had pain from their PWS? Mine used to burn when I would sit funny and kind of pinch my leg. But the past few days it has started burning just while walking around.
Also, has anyone had laser treatment for a PWS on their leg? I am just wondering if I would have to have a lot of treatments or what. Thanks for any info on them.
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Old 11-17-2004, 02:50 PM
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Default Re:Does anyone have a PWS that will "disappear" when rubbed?

Hi. I have heard of people having pain with pws in the limbs and also someone that has had laser treatments done on the leg. Have you gone to ? That group is made up with adults that have pws and parents that have children with PWS. They are more likely to be able to answer your question.
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Old 02-21-2008, 02:51 AM
Bebegirl Bebegirl is offline
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I am 26 years old. I also have pws from my ankle to my hip on my left leg. They also dissapear with pressure, but always comes back in seconds. I've seen a few different doctors to remove them. They all say you can get laser treatments, but they don't know who offers them. It's very fustrating. The last doctor I saw told me there was a name for it, but didnt know that either. Sounds like I need a new doctor, huh...
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Old 02-27-2008, 04:33 PM
tiny dancer tiny dancer is offline
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hi my daughter has a light pink pws on her left leg and it disappears too. because they are formed from blood vessels then this will always happen! my daughter is 21mths and will be starting laser treatment when she is 3.
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Old 04-24-2008, 12:59 AM
jpuritz jpuritz is offline
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the PWS on my arm disappears when pressure is applied and reappears when the pressure is relieved. However, does any have a birthmark that changes color with the temperature? Mine becomes purple when I'm cold and a light pink when I'm feverish.
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Old 05-07-2008, 04:34 PM
winka winka is offline
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To BeBegirl:
My daughter has had two laser treatments and we go for the third on the 27th of this month. I have noticed that it has gotten smaller (the dr. said that it should shrink from the outside in). She is 15 months old and we are currently checking into a diagnosis of Klippel-Trenaunay. I don't know if you are familiar with that, but it would be worth asking about next time you go to the Dr. But beware because a lot of docs have no working knowledge of K-t. Good luck!
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