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Welcome to Banks’ Story!

Madison started this page to honor her son Banks’ journey this May for Vascular Birthmarks Awareness Month, and to accept contributions to VBF in his honor.

Banks was born with a rare vascular birthmark. The veins down Banks’ trunk are dilated. Since birth, he has gained 4 more spots that continue to grow up his leg. They start under the skin and continue to get darker. This can cause blood clotting and other issues in his trunk. Treatment will be a lifetime battle for Banks to keep his birthmark under control. 

Madison and her family are working with Dr. Linda with the VBF to seek an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan for Banks . His specific type of vascular birthmark is rare and they are seeking the assistance of a vascular birthmarks expert physician to help. ⁣

We are so grateful that Madison and her amazing community have already raised funds for VBF through their VBF Facebook Fundraiser for Banks! 100% goes to our non-profit mission of serving the 1 in 10 born world-wide with all kinds of vascular birthmarks, anomalies and related syndromes.

Read Madison’s story about Banks’ Journey so far below and use this page to make a contribution to VBF in his honor for VBF Awareness Month! Let’s help her reach her goal of a $1000 gift to VBF in Banks’ honor this May!


When my son, Banks was born, we quickly noticed multiple spots on the side of his leg. As a first time mom, I had no idea what it was. We were later referred to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon. We were then tossed from doctor to doctor to figure out what exactly what those spots were, and how we were going to help our sweet new baby boy.

We later were given the diagnosis of Angiokeratoma Circumscriptum, a specific type of Vascular Birthmark that is present in only 15 percent of the population worldwide. We are working with Dr. Linda and the VBF Experts to seek an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan for Banks. 

It has been extremely hard for us to get answers. Our son is almost a year old and we are working to get a plan for him underway. Everyday without answers weights heavy on my heart as a Mother. The future is unknown for us right now.

The spots continue to grow, and that has to be the hardest thing for me as a mama. Seeing children ask their parents questions about him. Now watching him touch his birthmark and look at me wondering what it is. His innocence over shadows the stares right now, but I know one day it won’t always be that way.

One of the hardest things as a mother of a child with a vascular anomaly is hearing “it’s just a birthmark”.⁣

Birthmarks can cause seizures, blood clotting, brain hemorrhages, vision loss and so much more depending on the type of birthmark a child is born with. The education surrounding birthmarks I have learned in just a year is incredible.⁣

As a mother and father, we will do everything we can to educate people about Vascular Birthmarks, and to teach our son confidence in who he is. Although he will never look like his peers, he will always know how special he is. He is our little super hero!

It’s important to us to raise awareness for Banks. The funding for Vascular Birthmarks is little to none, especially with rare anomalies. We still don’t have answers for Banks due to little research, but know God has got this for our little guy. The answers are coming.

Awareness=Funding⁣ 💙⁣⁣
Funding=Answers 💙

We are so proud to be his parents, and we are so proud of his birthmark. We love you Banks!

We are grateful to Madison, Banks and the Bonawitz family for raising awareness and funds to support VBF’s mission. Consider making a gift in Banks’ honor using the form below. We won’t stop until every child and adult, including Banks, has an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

Our Goal $440.00