My name is Maille McNicholas and I have Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome (KTS). When I was born in 2006, my parents did not understand my port wine birthmarks and varicose veins. Thanks to the incredible team of physicians at the Vascular Anomalies Program at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, I was properly diagnosed and have received excellent treatment and care. My first surgery was in 2015 with Dr. Srinivasan, who removed a large varicosity that traveled the entire length of my right leg. He placed numerous coils to prevent other varicose veins from forming.

Today I am a National Dance Champion and daring Aerialist. I love traveling with my Competition Dance Team and performing on the trapeze and silks. Even though I sometimes have to wear my compression stocking, the pain and swelling in my leg never stop me. I have been participating in Pageants for the past five years, and have made it my platform to provide awareness about KTS and other vascular conditions, as well as promote acceptance of children like me with vascular birthmarks.

While I have been fortunate to have access to excellent care for my condition, there are many children out there who need your help. Please consider donating to the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation. You money will go towards helping to sponsor families to attend the Annual VBF Conference and Clinic in New York, New York. Thank you.

$500 Sponsors a Family to attend a VBF Conference

Our Goal $500.00

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