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Welcome to the Purple Polka Dot Race Fundraising Page

Information on the 7th Annual Purple Polka Dot Race in 2022 to come soon! The proceeds of this event go to support the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation helping families in Michigan and all over the world find medical treatment and community support for those who have vascular birthmarks.


Meghana’s Story

Presented by her supermom & PPD Founder, Jody

John and Meghana Lee

We are so excited to be entering our sixth year of the Purple Polka Dot Race! If you have been with us the past four years, then you already know our birthmark story. If you are new to us, here is the short version:

Our kind and strong daughter, Meghana, was born on March 4, 2015. She arrived absolutely perfect – dark brown eyes, a full head of hair and a special birthmark on her right cheek and chin!

We found out months later that the special birthmark was called a port wine stain (PWS) – a kind of vascular birthmark. Our journey for answers and advice landed us at the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation (VBF).  Not only did the VBF provide us with the knowledge base for making educated medical decisions for our daughter, but also with a sense of community and moral/emotional support, unlike any other.

Meghana is currently receiving laser treatments for her PWS, which cause her to have temporary purple polka dots on her face. Our mission is to educate our community, raise awareness and encourage acceptance for everyone out there who are also sporting their very own “purple polka dots”!

All of the funds raised by the Purple Polka Dot Race go directly to the VBF.  We know it will be put to good use! We don’t know how else to say it and it sounds so simple, but THANK YOU VBF! We don’t know where would be without you!

Thank you all for your continued love, support and understanding!

Much love – John, Jody,  Meghana & Serena Lee

About the VIRTUAL Purple Polka Dot Race


Join Jody Lee, the Lee Family, and the PPDR Team for this family event to honor Jody’s daughter Meghana, who was born with a port wine stain, and to raise funds for VBF to help families all over the world find medical treatment for all vascular birthmarks, anomalies and related syndromes. Your support is more important than ever this year.

Sign-Up & Join a Team

Virtual PPDR runners can sign up to join the fun from anywhere in the world. New this year is the option to create your very own virtual PPDR team, which can be done right from the registration link. Ask your family and friends to join your team, or join an existing team, to honor a loved one, raise awareness, and to #PutOnYourPurple Day

Quick Links:

Make a Gift in Meghana’s Honor

Use this  page to make a direct donation to VBF  to support the PPD Team’s goal of raising awareness and funds for the VBF’s mission through the Purple Polka Dot Race. 100% of donations will go towards VBF’s non-profit mission of serving the 1 in 10 born worldwide with all kinds of vascular birthmarks, anomalies and syndromes. The VBF is an international charitable organization that networks families affected by a vascular birthmark, tumor, or syndrome to the appropriate medical professionals for evaluation and/or treatment, provides informational resources as well as sponsors physician education, mobilizes medical missions trips, and supports research and programs that promote acceptance for individuals with birthmarks.

On behalf of Jody, John, Meghana, Serena, the PPD Team, and VBF, we thank you sincerely for supporting our mission ! ! !

Our Goal $20000.00