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VBF Life with a Vascular Birthmark

Featuring 2018-19 VBF Scholarship Recipient Cole Davis

What’s Wrong with Your Face?

We are grateful to Cole for sharing his awareness efforts with us from his college campus and encourage anyone experiencing similar issues to consider awareness through education as a tool to promote acceptance.

How did Cole respond to students and employees who continued to ask:

What’s Wrong with Your Face?

During his free time, Cole wrote an academic essay giving a brief history, and current medical knowledge about vascular birthmarks. He  presented the article to different classes and was even asked to post the article in his dorm hall after an incident with himself and a fellow student getting into a fight over his birthmark. Cole is also planning to give his article to different stores on the Hill in Boulder, which is a hotspot for college kids to hangout, because he’s tired of having random employees ask him “what’s wrong with his face.”

Read Cole’s FULL Research Report Here.

About the VBF “Life with a Vascular Birthmark” Series

Check back for more Q&A with VBF Global Ambassador Manager Scott Cupples from VBF awareness leaders across the world depicting their life with a vascular birthmark. Our goal is to share real stories from those living with vascular birthmarks and their loved ones as part of Dr. Linda’s 2019 focus on the psychosocial aspects of life with a vascular birthmark.