You’re invited to join Dr. Roy G. Geronemus, Dr. Robert J. Rosen, and Dr. Stuart Nelson for the 2021 Annual VBF Vascular Birthmarks / Anomalies Super Clinic at the Laser and Skin Surgery Center in New York, New York on Saturday, October 9.

Our Clinic is the only one of its kind in the world. We offer lectures from the top experts in the field on the latest in research and treatment options, as well as individual clinic appointments with our multidisciplinary team of expert specialists who provide an informal diagnosis and treatment plan to every individual and family.

Please review the Registrant Planning Checklist below for complete details about our Clinic.

Questions? Email Gina at


VBF is staying on top of the COVID-19 pandemic and your safety remains our priority. We will be following current CDC guidelines for our Clinic.

Dr. Geronemus and his team have enacted the latest COVID safety protocols, including required masks, temperature checks, hand-sanitizing stations, enhanced cleaning protocol and more. Registration will be staggered and limited to essential persons, and all clinic appointments will be by-appointment-only. You must bring proof of a negative COVID test or proof of COVID vaccination.

We’re constantly monitoring the latest CDC recommendations and will continue to do so as we safeguard your health and safety.


  • Read the 2021 Conference / Clinic Information Page (& check back for updates)
    For complete information about our annual international family conference, including full details about all of our conference and clinic offerings, as well as important details about our screening and eligibility processes, please read our 2021 Conference Information Page and email us at with any questions. You can also check there for updates on how we are tailoring the event for your safety. 


  • Submit Your Registration
    The next step is to register. You may submit your registration through our Secure Online Registration Form. Every registration requires a photo showing the patient’s vascular birthmark, which can be submitted online through the registration form, or by email to We cannot process your registration without a photo of the birthmark and payment of the registration fee ($100 or $25 if you select the fee-waiver option). If you register online successfully, an automatic confirmation email will be sent to you immediately after registering. Check your spam folder and make sure to mark us as an authorized sender.


  • Read the Follow-Up Email
    After we receive your registration form, a member of our team will reach out to you within a week with a welcome email to confirm your eligibility for a free hotel room and with instructions to start the screening process for free laser therapy, if requested. We’ll also any answer additional questions you shared with us through the registration forms. Please check your spam folders for correspondence from and, and mark us as an authorized sender to be sure you receive our individualized and group email updates.


  • Look Out for Updates on Dental & Orthodontic Exam Offerings
    Those who indicate an interest in either dental or orthodontic exams when registering will be kept apprised of the status of these offerings by email as soon as details are confirmed.


  • Get Medical Records to Bring to Clinic Sessions
    Request any examinations or imaging studies from your current medical team and come prepared with your medical imaging studies on a CD, if possible, to make the most of your clinical session. Please do not send medical records to the VBF for HIPPA purposes. We’ll update you on how best to share medical records with us this year due to Coronavirus closer to the event. 


  • Complete VISA Application (if applicable)
    Those needing a VISA to attend the conference are encouraged to complete the VISA process as soon as possible. The VISA process varies by location and you should reach out to the US Embassy in your country to learn about requirements and to complete the VISA process, if your country requires a VISA for travel to the US. 
  • Book Flights Closer to the Event that are Refundable or with Travel Insurance
    You should plan to book flights into JFK, Newark, or LaGuardia Airports. All of these airports are centrally located in the NY / Manhattan area. We recommend that our guests book refundable flights, get flight insurance or wait until closer to the event to book flights due to coronavirus, in case something interferes with our plans for the conference closer to the event.


  • Check for Updates on Free Hotel Room
    We will honor our commitment to provide a free hotel room in New York City on Friday, October 8 for everyone who is traveling in for the event. We will work hard with our hotel partners close to the event to honor our commitment to you and will take care of the booking process on your behalf. Please look out for email updates as the event approaches for hotel updates. 


  • Make Transportation & Parking Arrangements
    All of the airports in the NY/Manhattan area (JFK, Laguardia, and Newark) provide various transportation options into New York, New York (Manhattan). Most offer a flat rate taxi service into Manhattan from the airport (average cost is around $50). Newark Airport connects to the New Jersey Transit system, that connects to the NY subway system, for travel into Manhattan from the airport. JFK / Leguardia offer AirTrains (similar to an above-ground subway) for direct transportation into Manhattan at affordable rates.  You can also book an Uber directly from the airports into NYC. Bus and shuttle options may also be available. You can reach Manhattan from any of these airports in about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic and your transportation options. Finding affordable parking in Manhattan is a challenge, and transportation by car can be slower and more costly than options like taxis, uber, and the subway system. If you do need parking, we recommend ParkWiz or other similar services, which allows you to reserve an affordable parking spot at a NYC garage ahead of time so that you won’t have to waste time driving around looking for parking or paying higher rates without an advanced reservation. For locals driving in on the morning of the conference itself who need parking near the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of New York for the Conference on Saturday, Dr. G’s recommends a few parking garage options convenient to the Laser and Skin Surgery Center:


    GMC – (across the Street)
    300 East 34th street
    New York, NY 10016

    MBG – (down the block)
    333 East 34th Street
    New York, NY 10016

    The NYC subway system can easily get you downtown to our conference venue on Manhattan (though Uber / Taxi are also great options). We recommend charting your subway trips using Google Transit, which is like Google Maps for the subway, and will provide you with detailed instructions about how to reach any destination using the NYC subway system.


  • Attend VBF Conference & Clinic on Saturday, October 9
    Our Clinic begins early on Saturday morning with staggered appointments and will include clinic sessions with our teams of experts and free laser treatment.  We will email your complete schedule for the day in advance and make every effort to make sure your appointment schedule is as convenient as possible.  Volunteers will be on hand during the entire event to answer any questions you have and to make sure your needs are met. 

We understand that you may have questions about this year’s event. Please do not hesitate to contact the VBF Event Team by emailing if we can help in any way. 

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