This is Dr. Linda, Ph.D., of the VBF. In 2003, I submitted a request to the New York State Congress for a resolution to declare May 15th as the vascular birthmarks day of awareness. We were given verbal approval that year, but it was not until several years later that we received this amazing plaque recognizing the VBF vascular birthmarks “Day of Awareness.”

Since that time, VBF has expanded May to be the designated vascular birthmarks, anomalies, and/or associated syndromes “month of awareness”, holding fast to May 15th as the actual  “day of awareness.”

Regardless of the name or purpose of your vascular lesions organization, if you are dedicated to striving for an accurate diagnosis and an appropriate treatment plan for any individual affected by any vascular birthmark, anomaly, and/or related syndrome, then we ask you to utilize your platform to partner with us to raise awareness in May, and specifically on May 15th.

Last year, VBF had over 30,000 individuals worldwide join us to “put on your birthmark.” Despite the location of the lesion, many individuals put a red heart on their face and posted a photo in support. This was strictly for awareness. We invite you to do the same, or you can create your own awareness “hook” and share it with us.

This year, we want to reach over 50,000 worldwide followers. This will not only help all of us to raise awareness, but it will also help with getting treatment approved by insurance companies and will also help with raising awareness for the need for accessible and appropriate treatment options.

In addition, our 2020 slogan is “my birthmark: my story”.  Tell your story, about your birthmark!!!

Feel free to utilize any of our campaigns or slogans so that we can unite to enable all affected families to receive accurate information.

There are nearly 15 vascular birthmark, anomaly, and/or related syndrome types and many, many more groups on Facebook to support affected families.

Please put May, and especially May 15th, on your calendar and mobilize your group to raise awareness.

We are all in this together.

Let me know if you will join this international effort.  We just want to know who will be holding our hands to surround the world.

You are encouraged to promote and support your specific vascular birthmark, anomaly and/or syndrome type, and your group or organization, through your social media outlets, so that all vascular lesions have a voice.

If you have your own ideas or slogans, please share them. We want to be able to have the greatest international outreach.

I am looking forward to joining with you to make a difference in the lives of our affected individuals and families. Let me know if we can help you.

Thank you, and God bless.  

Dr. Linda, Ph.D.
The Vascular Birthmarks Foundation

Learn more about the Month of Awareness for vascular birthmarks, anomalies and related syndromes at



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