In 2020, The Vascular Birthmarks Foundation (VBF)  initiated the first comprehensive vascular birthmarks, anomalies, and related syndromes COVID-19 Impact Study.

The VBF COVID-19 Impact Study was created by Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon, Ph.D., and Duke University senior and incoming Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai student Jasmine Leahy. Jasmine was completing her summer internship project with Duke; this study served to fulfill her internship requirements. Dr. Gregory Levitin, VBF Expert and Director of the Vascular Birthmark Center of New York, served as Medical Editor of the study. Dr. Giacomo Colletti, Director of VBF Europe, served as the Guest Editor.

Click here to view the published results.


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DEAR VBF Family,

This is Dr. Linda, Ph.D. of the VBF. I want you to know that VBF is working closely with our network to keep you updated on COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus)  and how it may affect those with vascular birthmarks, anomalies, and related syndromes.

We are following developments closely, and all resources will be archived on this page so that you can stay informed.

If you do not find the answer to your question(s) concerning COVID-19 and a vascular birthmark, anomaly, and/or related syndrome, please email me at  I will work with our VBF medical experts to respond to your questions and/or concerns.

Our goal is to make sure our network has all the answers they need to make the best decisions regarding their health and safety during these uncertain times. Know that VBF is here for you and your family.  We will get through this together.


Dr. Linda, PhD

Covid-19 Resources

Dr. Linda, Phd, President and Founder of the VBF  interviews Dr. Milton Waner, world renown vascular birthmarks, anomalies and related syndrome expert regarding COVID-19

  • COVID-19 Q&A

    Compiled by: Patient Advocacy Organizations
    March 16, 2020

Several patient advocacy organizations, in addition to VBF, and initiated by Mellenee Finger of the K-T Support Group, have compiled a list of questions that have been asked, or anticipated to be asked, by our affected families concerning COVID-19.

Dr. Denise Adams of the Boston Children’s Hospital, a world renown expert in vascular birthmarks, anomalies and/or related syndromes has prepared responses to these questions.

First and foremost, we must all follow the CDC and WHO guidelines concerning COVID-19. Also follow your state or country recommendations.

Thank you to the Patient Advocacy Organizations for working together for our affected families, on this joint effort:

Mellenee Finger – K-T Support
Dana Wolinsky – Project FAVA
Kristen Davis – Cloves Syndrome Community
Jack Kelly – LGD Alliance
Karla Hall – NOVA
Dr Linda Rozell-Shannon – VBF


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