The Vascular Birthmarks Foundation’s Give2myVBF Page is your chance to partner with VBF to help families affected by a vascular birthmark, anomaly or related syndrome.

Raise awareness and share your story by creating your own online fundraising campaign. These pages are customized by individuals and families. All donations go directly to the VBF’s non-profit mission.

You can use your Give2myVBF Page to:

  • Ask for contributions for VBF May 15 Giving Day,
  • Raise awareness for vascular birthmarks,
  • Share your story,
  • Honor someone dear to you,
  • Collect donations in lieu of a birthday or holiday gift, and
  • Allow far-away friends and family to join you in raising awareness virtually.

YOU can make a difference.
Personalize your Give2myVBF page today.

The money that you raise will go towards our non-profit mission of helping children and adults with vascular birthmarks.

Here’s how it works:

  • If you would like to create a Give2myVBF personal fundraising page, please contact
  • PERSONALIZE your page with a member of our VBF Team
    A member of our team will reach out to you to publish your page. 
  • ASK your family, friends, and contacts to raise awareness and support your fundraising efforts
    Send the page to your community to ask for support.
  • SHARE a special link to your page on your social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
    Share your unique link through social media.
  • CHECK BACK to see progress toward your goal

As a non-profit, VBF relies on donations to continue serving our families. We thank you for taking the first step towards making a difference, raising awareness and helping us continue our mission until every child and adult has an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Together, we continue to make a difference, one birthmark at a time.

See other Give2myVBF pages for ideas,
or to lend your support.