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Laser & Dermatology Consulting in Sweden AB

Dr. Agneta Troilius Rubin has spent most of her professional career at Skåne Universitets sjukhus SUS, where she also became a medical doctor in 1999 and was appointed associate professor in June 2010. She is now a responsible consultant at the Center for Laser and Vascular Malformations at the Skin Clinic at SUS. She also runs an entire private clinic in dermatology in Malmö, Laser & Dermatology.

Agnetas efforts since the 1980s to develop and consolidate laser methods in the dermatological field have led her to be a sought-after lecturer at international as well as national conferences and seminars in this field.

Over the years, Agneta has built up a strong commitment to vascular malformations within the Swedish healthcare system and initiated a vascular malformation fund. The fund has a goal of collecting grants for the treatment of severely vulnerable patients, whose treatment requires extraordinary efforts.

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