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The Children's Skin Center

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

  • Dermatologist
  • Chief & Director – Children’s Skin Center at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

Ana M. Duarte, MD is the Chief and Director of the Children’s Skin Center. Dr. Duarte is board certified in both dermatology and pediatric dermatology. She is also fellowship trained in pediatric dermatology, one of only a few elite dermatologists who can claim this distinction. Dr. Duarte treats all skin conditions and disorders while specializing in treating vascular birthmarks and tumors, hemangiomas, and port-wine stains.

Under Dr. Duarte’s direction, The Children’s Skin Center’s highly qualified team provides dermatology care that addresses the needs of each individual family member. With board certification in dermatology and pediatric dermatology, residency training in both dermatology and pediatrics, fellowship training in pediatric dermatology, and over 20 years of experience in the practice of dermatology and pediatric dermatology, Dr. Duarte is uniquely qualified to offer comprehensive skincare solutions for the entire family.

Dr. Duarte serves as the Director of Dermatology at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital and at The International Birthmark Institute. Her role at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital affords Dr. Duarte operating room access as well as the support of this world-renowned pediatric hospital.

Dr. Duarte was honored as the VBF 2016 Physician of the Year for her dedication and commitment to serving birthmark families. In addition to providing her expertise for our VBF Conferences and hosting the VBF Miami Satellite Conference, Dr. Duarte also makes possible the Dr. Ana Duarte Scholarship for Women, which provides three $1,000 scholarships to empower female scholars with vascular birthmarks.

Note that The Children’s Skin Center has several locations throughout Southeast Florida.

  • Birthmarks Types:

    Hemangioma, Venous Malformation, Port Wine Stain, AVM

  • Birthmark Syndromes:

  • Practice Specialties:

    Pediatrics, Dermatology

  • Procedures Offered:

    Laser, Drug Management